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**Introducing the "Dear Sis, I am not your competition, I am your motivation" T-Shirt – Embrace Unity and Inspiration!**

Ready to foster sisterhood and self-growth? This t-shirt is a powerful declaration that we're here to uplift, not compete.

**Why Choose This T-Shirt?**

- **Motivational Message:** With the empowering phrase "Dear Sis, I am not your competition, I am your motivation," it invites collaboration and support.
- **Superior Comfort:** Crafted from soft, breathable fabric for all-day ease and confidence.
- **For Everyone:** Offered in various sizes and colors, it's a fit for anyone eager to inspire and be inspired.
- **A Gift of Encouragement:** Share the love and motivation with those around you, sparking their season of growth.

**Join Us in Unity and Growth!**

Wear the "Dear Sis, I am not your competition, I am your motivation" t-shirt with pride and step into your season of empowerment. Together, we can be each other's strength, each other's motivation.

Order today and let's uplift one another, because your season is now! 🌟



Color: Lilac Tee w/ Bold Fuschia Letters (front)

Wording: Front “Dear Sis, I'm not Your Competition-I'm Your Motivation” 

Fit: Unisex

Toddler and Youth Shirts available upon request-Please send email to with your request.



"Dear Sis, I'm Not Your Competition-I'm Your Motivation


    All sales are final on custom and preorder purchases unless there is an issue on our end. If that is in fact the case, we will correct with no problem. We appreciate your support.

  • Please allow 7-14 days to receive due to quality control inspections and customization of your product (s) 

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