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"Priceless Peace - Our t-shirts are more than just fabric; they're a mantra for life. Each design resonates with the profound truth that peace of mind is invaluable. In a world of chaos, wear your reminder that if it disrupts your inner calm, it's simply too costly. Choose self-care, choose serenity, choose Priceless Peace."



Color: Purple Tee w/ Bold Teal Letters (front)

Wording: Front "If it cost me my peace, it's too expensive"

Fit: Unisex

Toddler and Youth Shirts available upon request-Please send email to with your request.



If it Cost Me My Peace


    All sales are final on custom and preorder purchases unless there is an issue on our end. If that is in fact the case, we will correct with no problem. We appreciate your support.

  • Please allow at least 7-14 days for shipping due to quality control inspections and customization of your product (s)

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