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**Introducing the "People will have your name in everything but a prayer" T-Shirt – A Celebration of Self-Belief and Resilience!**

In a world where opinions and judgments are plentiful, it's time to rise above the noise and focus on what truly matters: your journey, your dreams, and your season of growth.

Our newest t-shirt, adorned with the powerful message "People will have your name in everything but a prayer," is an invitation to believe in yourself and your path. It's a gentle reminder that your worth is not determined by others but by your own courage, determination, and faith.

**Why You'll Love This T-Shirt:**

- **Empowering Message:** Wear a statement that resonates with the strong and independent person you are. Let it be a daily reminder to stay true to yourself.
- **Quality Comfort:** Crafted from soft, breathable fabric, this t-shirt is designed for comfort, whether you're conquering the day or relaxing with loved ones.
- **Perfect for All:** With a unisex design and available in various sizes and colors, this t-shirt is a universal call to self-confidence and perseverance.
- **A Gift of Inspiration:** Share the message with friends and family, encouraging them to embrace their unique journey and step into their season.

**Join the Season of Self-Belief!**

Your name, your path, your season—it's all yours to shape and celebrate. Wear the "People will have your name in everything but a prayer" t-shirt with pride, and inspire others to find strength in their own voices and visions.

Order yours today, and let's step into our season together. The time is now. Your season is here! 🌟



Color: Fuschia Tee w/ Bold Black Letters (front)

Wording: Front “Self-Care-definition” Back “Act as if your life depended on it”

Fit: Unisex

Toddler and Youth Shirts available upon request-Please send email to with your request.



"People will have your name in everything but a Prayer


    All sales are final on custom and preorder purchases unless there is an issue on our end. If that is in fact the case, we will correct with no problem. We appreciate your support.

  • Please allow 7-14 days to receive due to quality control inspections and customization of your product (s) 

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